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Job Interview Answers Employers Do Not Like!

If you are a job seeker there are some fundamental things you need to know before sitting in front of job interviewer. Number 1 by far and also the least understood is educating yourself about your Basic Employee Rights BEFORE accepting an employment interview! Understanding¬† the correct job interview answers must be a part of every career seekers employment goals. Read More…

Workplace Bully Victims Are Not Helpless

Workplace bully victims not helpless

There are no federal laws protecting employees against workplace bullying. However, that doesn’t mean you are helpless, far from it.

This article will help you to recognize how workplace bully behaviors are also the same for other workplace issues that do provide federal protection for employees.
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Bully Boss Uses A Basketball!!

bully bossThe recent events involving the Rutgers basketball program confirm a disturbing trend in college athletics. Over the last 30 years the increased emphasis on and pressure to win has helped foster a culture of workplace bullying. Long gone are the days when a football or basketball “coach” were also college professors.

Now individuals are hired by universities almost exclusively to do nothing but sale, market, recruit, train and coach “players”. If you listen carefully to both media and college coaches you here language like, “we coaches understand this is a business”, “Our players…”, “Our teams….”, etc. There’s hardly ever a reference to “student athletes” or “universities” anymore.
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Married Or Unmarried That Is The FMLA Question!

FMLA married or unmarried parent

The FMLA guidelines are extremely precise in relation to married male workers being eligible for FMLA caregiver leave provided that their wives are expecting a baby, NOT their girlfriends!

This also is applicable to a lesbian and gay worker whose significant other is pregnant. The employer is not required to allow caregiver leave.

On the other hand, male workers who are not wedded to their son or daughter’s mother and feminine staff members who have a pregnant life companion are entitled to leave for these reasons:
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ADAA And Obesity Discrimination

Not too long ago the (EEOC) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against an organization for a violation of the (ADAAA) Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act.

Obesity discrimination ADAAA

The action was taken to benefit and protect the ADA rights of a severely obese employee.

The employee Lisa Harrison weighed 400 pounds when she was hired. Obviously her boss believed she was qualified for the position.

She was assigned to a day care center for chemical dependent women as well as their children. At 5 feet 2 inches and weighing in excess of 400 pounds she rated excellent in the majority of areas in her employee performance appraisal.
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