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I Need Your Social Media Passwords!

social media employee background checks
I There’s a disturbing new trend taking place in the workplace. Job applicants are being asked and pressured to provide their social media passwords such as Facebook and others.

Now according to recent articles and research this is not a rampant issue…yet.

Some employers want to use job seekers social media passwords as a part of their overall employee background check policies. If you are a recent college graduate looking to enter the workforce get ready to develop a strategy for dealing with what I believe is inevitable.

More and more employers will seek to use social media to screen potential employees.

Several months ago I reviewed a comment by someone in my Facebook timeline. This individual was foul mouthed in her assessment of a local political situation. I asked very respectfully, “Is it necessary to use profanity to make your point?” Her response was, “F_____ You!! Now my first reaction was, this person had no clue how this cyberspace conduct could come back to “bite” her.
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The ADAAA And Milk


A recent ADAAA (Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act) court decision just proves if “you got milk you got a job”. Fourteen year Walgreens employee Barbara Barlow can testify to that. A musculoskeletal ailment made it difficult for her to do bending or heavy lifting. She had been consistently rated as excellent in her employee performance reviews. However, a change in managers also changed her performance rating.
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Ten Hottest Careers In Education

ten hottest careers in educationInvesting in education is a very good idea. There is a great demand for educators and instructors and this trend will not slow down since more and more people are entering educational institutions to further develop their aptitudes. Whether you are interested to work as a professor, or a preschool teacher, any career in education is very rewarding.

This article will give you reliable information on various careers in education. Whether you are seeking for salary range of a science teacher or just strolling to find out the qualifications of a teacher’s aide, this article will be most reliable. Find your job among the list with their background, salary range, educational requirements and many more.
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Ten Hottest Careers in Healthcare

hottest careers in healthcare

Most people have thought that the healthcare industry is all about careers and care giving. The truth is, there numerous career opportunities that can be filled by anyone who is qualified. In fact, healthcare career opportunities are one of the fastest growing in the world.

Here is the list of the top ten hottest careers in the Healthcare Industry:
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Ten Hottest Careers In Information Technology

10 hottest careers in technologyIn an IT job, you would find yourself dealing with different phone calls and e-mails to keep the company database, phone lines, internet reception and antivirus programs organized and well=kept.

In the recent years, IT professionals are branded as techies with low starting salaries. However, most employment experts believe that the IT industry will be one of the fastest growing career opportunities alongside healthcare and engineering.

Most companies now hire IT personnel and they are raising base compensations for new staff additions and also offer additional benefits such as bonuses and equity incentives.
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