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Job Interview Answers Employers Do Not Like!

If you are a job seeker there are some fundamental things you need to know before sitting in front of job interviewer. Number 1 by far and also the least understood is educating yourself about your Basic Employee Rights BEFORE accepting an employment interview! Understanding  the correct job interview answers must be a part of […]


Job Seeker Assumed And The Interview Was Doomed!

A major mistake career seekers and former employees make is assuming the job interviewer is competent or properly trained in how to conduct job interviews! In my experience as an employment mediator, ill-trained job interviewers are all too common. Companies routinely find themselves in legal hot water promoting individuals into management and then “turning them […]


Job Interview Assembly Line

Not knowing where you place in the “job interview assembly line” is an important often-overlooked ingredient for job interview success. Several years ago, an interviewer informed me that I was the next to last candidate to be reviewed/interviewed for the position. I didn’t think much about that. Then the interviewer informed me that the interview […]


Employers Will Label You a “Troublemaker”

Employers are being encouraged by HR professionals and employer rights attorneys to weed out “troublemakers” before they get hired. They reason that hiring employees that are truly “qualified” and are “good fits” for the company will not become a problem. It is proper and necessary for businesses and organizations to conduct proper job interviews and […]