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The Employees Word Is “Law” Under FLSA!

Oral complaints count under FLSA, says High Court. Hooray, for yet another victory for employees locked in the ongoing battle for maintenance, enforcement and anti-violation of their rights by Corporate America. All employees need do is say “I believe my FLSA rights are being violated” to receive protection from retaliation. This is the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Court in the case involving KASTEN v. SAINT-GOBAIN PERFORMANCE PLASTICS CORP. concluded that to “file” a complaint, an employee need only provide an oral complaint of a violation of FLSA to his employer and not a written complaint; once the employee has done so, then the employer is prohibited from retaliating against that employee because of the complaint. This essentially means our employers can’t claim we did not give them proper notice (written complaint) of a problem. Read the full story here;

Oral Complaint (Still) Protected From Retaliation Under FLSA

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