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workplace bullyAmong the solutions tossed around in fighting a workplace bully is just “confront” the bully. Well unfortunately, as this article reveals that could be the worst thing to do. Why? Usually, the bully can and will have a support mechanism via management, ownership, employees even vendors and customers! So in essence the bully target(s) could find her/himself also the target(s) of “workplace conspiracy” and “mobbing”.

Finding yourself alone on the job against those kinds of odds is not a recipe for workplace success. I wouldn’t confront the bully. However, I would execute what I call “exposucate” the workplace terrorist. What is exposucate?? It’s my pet term that’s a combination of exposure and educate. ;0)

The main purpose of my sites and blogs is to educate and make job applicants and employees aware of the need to learn Basic Employee Rights BEFORE seeking and ACCEPTING employment!

When a career seeker takes the time to educate him/herself to workplace issues such as a bullying they become armed with knowledge and wisdom to most effectively protect their rights from being violated. For example, Wanda wisdom learns all about workplace bully, sexual harassment, discrimination and how to prove discrimination BEFORE accepting a administrative assistant position with We Intimidate, Inc.

Three months in after the “honeymoon” is over, We Intimidate unleashes it’s bullying and harassment onslaught on Ms. Wisdom. Since Ms. Wisdom knows her employee rights she uses techniques in proving discrimination and harassment such as documenting events, asking the appropriate questions concerning the bullies behavior when a witness or witnesses are around and documenting all relevant correspondence with the bully.

She will Know how to cautiously interact with HR and any internal EEO officer, understanding these departments are NOT her friend. She will have advance knowledge of bully characteristics. She will understand what “mobbing” is all about from co-workers who engage in “workplace conspiracy” with the bully.

She will know the questions and documentation to ask and memorialize about the bully and potential witnesses designed to strengthen her potential claim with the EEOC. Thus she EXPOSES the bully by her own “pre EEOC” investigation and she’s shown great wisdom to EDUCATE and arm herself with critical knowledge that unfortunately most career seekers and employees “still don’t get”.

Most employers count on employees being ignorant of their workplace rights. As long as those entering the workplace remain largely misinformed or uniformed, problems such as workplace bullying will continue.

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know
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